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Grow Your Business with Amazon Marketing Services and Phedra Tech

Phedra Tech offers you an ideal opportunity to utilize Amazon’s scale by ensuring that your brand is right there on the top when someone searches for the products you offer on Amazon. Being an enthusiastic digital marketing compny, Phedra Tech applies a visionary and scientific approach to optimise our clients’ advertisement on the platform of Amazon. Our proficient Amazon Marketing Team also takes care of the regional approach in order to bring localise advertisement and hit the nail on the head.


What Amazon Marketing Offers?

Amazon is a tech giant and is the biggest Internet retailer across the world in terms of revenue and ranks second in terms of sales. Therefore, not making use of its stature and outreach in terms of e-Commerce for the promotion of your brand, would be not be a rational choice. Amazon can facilitate you in your endeavour of promoting your brand by;

  • Driving more sales
  • Raising your product’s visibility
  • Targeting ads by search keywords and products
  • Building ads rapidly and effortlessly
  • Optimising performance with detailed sales reports
  • Increasing your revenue manifold
  • Expanding brand’s appeal by offering it in the international online markets

Phedra Tech Is Your Best Buddy in Amazon Marketing

At Phedra Tech, we help devising a perfect working strategy for both the sellers and the vendors for Amazon marketing. We discuss different solutions and possibilities with the clients to brainstorm various unique but professional ways to perform online Amazon marketing.

We divide the marketing methods into three different categories:

  • Amazon SEO

As a matter of fact, Search Engine Optimization is one of the best approaches to online marketing. It helps a great deal for bringing the brand appear as higher as possible in the search engine results. It is also a fact that more products are searched directly on Amazon rather than on Google. Thus, while conducting the Amazon SEO, we optimize keywords and performance of the product in order to advance the organic ranking of your product in the Amazon search. 

  • Amazon Advertising

Under the banner of Amazon advertising, we perform various promotional techniques to support brands and products online. We create ads and link them to landing pages on Amazon which directly influence your brand’s sales.

  • External Marketing Measures

Phedra Tech also offers you to handle those marketing formats which are not supported by Amazon directly. We conduct those advertisements through external channels and link them to Amazon so that none of your product goes unnoticed