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Smooth Layouts of Your Website on Desktops, Mobiles and Tablets

A 'Responsive Website' enables its visitors to enjoy a more customized occurrence, depending on the device they are using, whether it is an iPhone, laptop, Blackberry, TV, iPad or any other device with a browser. Responsive Web Design is a reasonably new technique, or at least a technique that has gained some mainstream gratitude in the last few years. Responsive web design continues to be converted into more extensively used practice.


Because of that, as web developers and designers, we have further tools and resources that make it easier to create these responsive layout web sites. we congregate different CSS Frameworks to make the sites more productive and user friendly. Responsive web design is something that is not only up-to-the-minute but also constructive and tremendously user experience oriented.



Choosing right tool is basic yet essential step in website development. Css and Xhtml are most popular tools for presenting static website layouts.It is also necessary to design the layouts with web standards and apply tools which allow expansion in future.

  • Commented Markup
  • SEO Semantic coding
  • Wys/Wyg Dreamweaver
  • Html5 / Css3
  • Custome jQuery Slider
  • One level and Multi level drop down
  • Flexible footer at bottom
  • Mobile dev
  • Responsive layout
  • Cross-browser / Plateform tested