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Website Design

Is your website playing a part in increasing your revenue? Does your currrent website look professional? Is it a user friendly website that allows navigating quickly and without any problem? Is it a search engine friendly website? Does it leave a lasting first impression? Does it rank high in Google and other search engines? If you are hesitant to say 'YES' to any of the above questions, then you should start worrying.

It probably is the time to start thinking about investing in website redesign rather than keep on losing potential customers. To get a perfect outcome of your input, stay connected, organise your communication, give precise and to the point specifications describing what you actually want.


Creative Ideas

The divergence with Phedra Tech is that our design ideas appear with unique customs of developing your website with navigation that is straightforward, stylish, and professional. You can also share your own ideas with us and this collective information becomes an influential stand. We stay in touch with our clients from start to end of the design process and fully believe that a smart and professional design formulates your online presence.


Logo Design

Logo design presents your brand all around the globe and to the all-purpose campaign, logo serves up as point of acknowledgment and immediate token of a business to the buyer on which their branding dangles, Phedra Tech designers put a lot of effort to incorporate the ideologies of the clients into one single graphic.

Banner Design

Banner is the first thing any one sees when they come to your web page. It represents YOU, who YOU are and what kind of service do YOU provide. A good banner design means your website is being advertised in the most effective way and is the best way to get your website noticed on the net. Phedra Tech has a pool of talent which is expert in banner design advertisement and provides marketing solutions for all kind of businesses, from large corporations to start ups.

Design Finalizing

When all the website design is complete, Phedra Tech team uses the checklist technique to go over the main points and makes sure everything has been done according to the plan.