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Search Engine Marketing

Search engines, e.g. Google, Yahoo etc. are the most important source of traffic towards your website. If you are thinking to boast your business online, top rankings in search engines against the appropriate keywords is a must. However, being in the search engine optimization industry for more than 12 years, we know it’s easier said than done.

Search engines have completely revolutionized the game of online marketing. Now even an artistically made website won't generate business if it is not attracting enough traffic through search engines and for that it has to be ranked among the top few suggestions in a search query. Phedra Tech has a proven track record of raising and maintaining rank of its clients’ websites, so much so that we guarantee rank improvements. We employ sophisticated tools and analyse use of keywords against searches and according to that trend we optimize our client's website. This canny attention to details is the secret of our success and guaranteed results.

  • Competitive Research
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • Syndication
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Link Building

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO involves improvement and promotion of a website in order to increase its rankings in search engines. There are many factors involved in SEO, from content on your page to how your website is linked by other websites on the web. However, you should keep one thing in mind that SEO is not just about search engines, it is also about making your website better for the consumer. At Phedra Tech, we believe that these two things are inseparable. If you want to improve your search engine rankings then we are here to help you achieve your goals. We can improve the visibility of your website in Google and other search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo etc. for your targeted audience. SEO is not an instant marketing result as it takes time, however, what it gives you back are long-term, solid and stable results.

Link Building

Links building content specifically designed to get links for your Website. Link building does not indicate that every chronicle hits the home page of your site. Several pieces may be considered for your business, out of a well-known blog site, a national e-newspaper, or explicit social news or bookmarking site. We can classify and recognise a custom link building strategy, produce the content, advocate on-site changes in grounding for the promotion and explain you how to advertise and market it.


Keyword Analysis

Keywords Analysis is the KEY to SEO success as these words and phrases in your web content make it possible for the consumer to find your website through search engines. Phedra Tech develops a list of keywords based on your niche and content because this is the first step to any search engine optimization operation. We fully understand that keywords and SEO are interlinked for a winning marketing campaign. Phedra Tech enjoys a well-recognised track record of successfully launching SEO campaigns and achieving results.


Content Creation

Publishing excellent online content is significant to Search Engine Optimization accomplishment and to construction or preserve grip with your intention spectators. Our team of qualified writers, editors and a profound group of proficient writing possessions, Phedra Tech can offer content that contests your resources and superiority needs. Phedra Tech's internal group of writers interpret client goals into applicable technique and content channels for utilization crosswise watchfully selected team of writers. Our writing team at Phedra Tech is even qualified to follow transformation formats to maintain extra resourceful globalisation of your online possessions.

Social Media Optimization

Nature of social media mix up contains RSS feeds, social news and social bookmarking on the sites, in addition to social networking sites, such as Twitter, and blogging sites or video sites. Social Media Optimization is parallel to search engine optimization in contrast with their purpose similarity where both have the aim of traffic mobilisation on the sites and on the other hand, creating the awareness for the websites in the general public. In broad, social media optimization demotes to optimizing a website and its content by the means of sharing across networking sites and social media. Social media optimization is the method of growing the awareness of an artefact, brand or occasion by using several social media channels and communities to create viral media hype.

Email Marketing

Email marketing services are captivating the position of direct mailers. As an alternative of spending your resources on crafting print marketing promotion that end up in filthy mailboxes, you can currently unite your social networking marketing attempts with efficient email promotions. With email marketing, you can immediately see who is accessing your emails and which links they're getting on and how many of your consumers and visitors are forwarding your emails. A superlative email marketing facility should make available helpful choices to get you underway including a user handbook, a wizard to stroll you throughout the construction and monitoring of your email promotion, Frequently Asked Questions, blogs and articles that give explanation.