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Conversion Rate Optimization, Increase Your Online Sales Now

Whether your website is targeting to generate leads or phone calls or it is a full e commerce shop selling products, it’s all about customer journey. You might be generating a lot of traffic through any platform, but if you are not getting the maximum conversions, its waste of money and a lot of lost business.

When it comes to CRO at Phedra Tech, we are not only focused on conversion rate but it is about smooth customer experience from start till end. 
Talk to us today to find out how Phedra Tech can help improve your sales and give your business a lift.


How can we improve your online conversions?

Our experienced team of CRO experts will boast your online conversions by building a customized conversion rate optimization strategy for your website. This will include some changes according to the years of experience we have and some will include A/B testing of multiple elements, (content, CTAs, design etc.) of your website. The end result will be a smooth user experience with minimum bounce and abandonment rates and more conversions hence gaining the full potential from your website visitors.


What Does Our CRO Include?

  • Initial Research
  • Website Analysis
  • Current Funnel Analysis
  • Audience Analysis
  • CRO Strategy Development
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Success Analysis
  • Monthly Reports
  • Design Improvement
  • Copy Improvement
  • Sales/Conversion Funnel Improvement