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Phedra Tech’s Customized Back Link Building Service

Internet is nothing else than connections and links. Therefore, building quality oriented authoritative links is an utmost necessity not only to improve the search engine ranking of your website but also directing quality traffic to your site.

Phedra Tech offers a customized approach for each client that focuses on earning backlinlinks from authoritative and commanding sites and directing worthy traffic to your website. We, thanks to our decades of experience in the field of link building, offer you exactly what you have been dreaming for. Phedra Tech explores the horizon of opportunities for your business and helps you achieve your goals in the most professional way.


Get Higher Rankings with Authority Links

Phedra Tech knows all the perks associated with the link building and hence lead a team of Expert Marketing Professionals that is well-versed in researching about largest international brands in different niches and building backlinks with them. Link building offers you following advantages;

  • Improve Your Site’s Ranking
  • Expand Your Audience
  • Boost Your Revenue
  • Construct Brand Awareness
  • Increase Traffic 

Phedra Tech’s Methodology 

Phedra Tech has cultivated great relationships with multiple international websites and brands thanks to our dedication to our work. Here at Phedra Tech, we believe in appropriate working plans devised in the light of our extensive experience. While pursuing the link building approach, we follow a simple process which includes steps such as; 

  • Identifying Linkable Content

This is where we start from by identifying and choosing the best content on your website in order to link it in your published article. Even if you do not have perfect working story, we will create such a story for you.

  • Finding the Right Publishing Partner

After selecting the desirable content, we go through our extensive list of publishing partners and find the perfect match in terms of relevance for your link.

  • Conception and Pitching

Once we are done identifying which publishers to target, we will generate content ideas to hit the nail on the head while addressing the audience.

  • Content Creation

After that, our prolific content writers generate content that matches the expectations of partnered publishers.

  • Publishing 

After we successfully get your links published, we stay in contact with you and keep you updated by sending you weekly link building reports.

  • Sharing On Different Social Platforms

Our marketing team consisting of designers and SEO specialists, then makes sure to you get the most out of your link by doing SEO and sharing it on all social platforms.